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Markus (30, Wassermann)

Dipl. Betriebswirt und Schreiberling aus Regensburg

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Selma (25, Wassermann)

Dipl. Psychologin und Reisende aus Kleve

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Manu (31, Waage)

Gastronomisch in der Welt unterwegs

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Hammock Riders

Markus Obstmeier am 7. Dezember 2015

Hammock Riders

On an island, somewhere on a beach,
A place far away, hard to reach.
Nature kicks, with love and devotion,
We´re all, addicted to the ocean.
People loved to live in caves.
And we…
We get stoned by sun and waves.

You feel… you feel…
You feel like home.
You and your hammock alone.
Lying in a cooling shade,
In a place,…
Where happy people are made.

It´s getting dark,
The sun sets…

Warm colours are rising.
Then the moon, the moon starts shining.
Right before your mind starts… flying.

Somewhere on an island, on a beach,
Flashbacks of a spirit out of reach.
In your hand, white sand of wonderland,
In your ear, vibes of your favourite band.
On the horizon, the sun waves goodbye.
And we…
We get high… by sun and sky.


Listen to the song:
Hammock Riders

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