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Favourite Friends

Markus Obstmeier am 7. Dezember 2015

Favourite Friend`s

He´s a close mate of mine.
Sometimes we have to talk,
In a misty, misty moonshine.
Thoughts go for a walk,
When we share,… mood and time.

I´ve just to give him a call,
When I feel like I shall…
Let´s have a good time,
With sex, drugs and Rock´n Roll.

There´s another body of mine,
Sometimes we love to sing,
In a sweet, sweet sunshine.
Our Mind is a world within,
And we,… we walk that line.


Reality, my third friend says… is definition,
Sometimes we want to cry,
Due (to) a cloudy, cloudy future vision.
Everyday´s just another hard try,
Of living life,… in peace, not as competition.


I think you know my friends,
Most likely, you shook already hands…

Johnny,… the mind walker,
Jim,… beam me the fuck up Scotty!
And Jack,…Daniels beloved twin brother.

If you need them and they are gone,
They`ll come back, as long as you`re done.…
Johnny, Jim and Jack,… Friends in addiction,
Friends of fun.

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Favourite Friends

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