Sneaky, Soft and Slow

Markus Obstmeier am 7. Dezember 2015

Sneaky, Soft and Slow


Mother Earth, I´ve got to tell ya,
This one thing,
We want you to know.
You´re too good to be true,
So we keep on… keep on, keep on…
Sneaky, soft and slow, (downbeat… soft and slow)

You feel that something is wrong,
You feel just not too bad and not to well,

But what you don´t know,
What seems like a flu.

It´s us…
Sneaky, soft and slow,
When we keep on killing you.

You expect nothing from us,
And give us, everything you´ve ever got.

You request just our attention,
But all you receive, all you receive,
Is a ridiculous try of detection.

You´ve been always there for us,
But we, just don’t see you.
We just can´t hear you…
Because we already made up our minds,
We decided to ignore you.



We´re sorry, sorry for what we did to ya.
We´re sorry, so so sorry for what we´re doing to ya.
And we´re sorry, already so sorry,
For what we´ll do to ya.

Got mean manners and a bad behaviour.
But you´ve got to believe us,
When I´m telling ya,

We wanna be close with ya,
Like we´ve never been before.
Wanna love ya,
Every day a little bit more.
Truly, we don´t wanna harm,
Don´t wanna hurt,
Don´t wanna punish ya,
Please forgive us,
It´s just…
We don´t know it better



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