Markus Obstmeier am 7. Dezember 2015



I wrote this lines today.
To see how it sounds.
I focused on every word.
Singing, makes them real.
The pencil does its thing.
Paper makes you feel.
Letters of ink become sound.
Words are colour to sing.


What has it become,
My work of arts.
Everyone around comes along,
In the end.
And we could have it all.
An empire of art.
You will find yourself.
You´ll find your heart.


I draw this lines of love.
Upon my open mind.
Full of thousand thoughts.
By my senses defined.
With those coloured stains.
The feeling remains.
You released yourself.
We do all the same.


When we get together.
We can find away.
We will spread arts.
A million miles away.

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